You’ve sent the email, but how do you get customers opening, reading and actioning your messages?

 You put a lot of effort into your EDM newsletters (well, you should be!), but do you know how well they are performing? Do you know what good traction with your audience looks like?

Here are our top three tips to creating effective email marketing campaigns.


Have one message

Just like any other form of communication, writing for a digital medium can be intended one way, but received or inferred entirely differently. For this reason, it’s best to stick to one-three clear messages, rather than promoting everything that you have going on in your business right now. If your environment is this fast paced and jam packed with relevant and interesting content, it might be a good idea to look at communicating more often in shorter EDMs or across a range of platforms, rather than less often with lots to say.


Add a personal touch

If multinationals such as My FootDr can introduce a personal touch to EDMs, then you can too!

Personal touches can be in the form of using the recipient’s name (which can be collected at the entry point), adding a personal anecdote in the introduction or mentioning their past purchasing behaviour (through a targeted EDM channel) to make a consumer feel connected and engaged with you as a person, and not just a brand. This is a small piece of the recipe to success, but it adds a lot of substance when building trust and credibility!


Pick your time of day and week

Test, test, test! Don’t just pick Tuesday at 9am as your EDM distribution day because it sounds good and fits in with your capacity to deliver. Always experiment until you’ve found that open rate and click conversion sweet spot with your target market.

Say you’re an active wear brand. It could be that the majority of your audience are mothers who are dropping their children off to school, and either heading on to work or running errands, and not back home until 4:30. Then there’s homework to help with, dinner to cook and the kids to bath, and 9pm becomes her time to catch up on emails and social media. How good then if your email was sitting at the top of her inbox?

This activity isn’t about stereotyping, but it is about understanding your biggest customer demographic. In the above scenario, we would suggest split testing your EDM campaign so that half your audience might receive it Tuesday 9am and the other half receives it Tuesday 9pm. Then you have some solid data to review open rates and click throughs and you can keep refining your timing strategy from there.


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