Of course it is! That’s not really news. But why did His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales not invite guests to the Royal wedding via Facebook, email, snapchat, Instagram, SMS or some other digital channel? Because when a message is really and truly important, nothing beats sending a message through the letterbox. An invitation on quality paper, with quality printing and lettering has longevity. It can be passed around, looked at and admired. It can be saved for future generations to see. It has feeling and presence. Many other digital channels lack this permanence and, whilst they are great for some messages, when the message is really important or special, nothing beat paper!

So, why do many organisations feel that email is the best channel for reaching their customers? Because it is cheap. But, if the message is important and it needs to be read, then send a paper message and really engage and connect with your customer.

At Colourwise we believe that if a message is worth sending, then it should be done right and it should build a relationship with your customer. The very last thing we want is for your message to sit on a customer’s spam folder.

As direct marketing specialists, we create memorable messages that resonate with your customers. Click the link for our contact details http://www.colourwise.com.au/contact-us/