On Thursday 2nd May 2019, four representatives from Colourwise and the GJI Group attended The AWS Summit two-day event in Sydney. This summit is designed for developers to bring their vast skills and solid knowledge to compete in the AWS DeepRacer League. The world’s first global autonomous racing league. Colourwise, part of the GJI Group, with our team of IT experts focused on gaining innovative hands-on experiences.


Matt Kerrison, IT Manager for the GJI Group, was crowned overall winner in Australia, second fastest in the world, for the AWS DeepRacer League! Achieving a groundbreaking winning lap time of 8.29 seconds, Matt has now earned himself a well deserved place at re:Invent 2019. Matt will travel to Las Vegas later this year to compete for the championship cup.


Our very own Nick Perkins, Lead Developer at Colourwise, placed 5th in Australia! An outstanding achievement not only for him personally but also for Colourwise. Nick’s strong IT skills and extensive development knowledge, enables him to provide effective IT solutions for our clients at Colourwise.


Matt, Nick and the team thrive in discovering the latest technologies to increase the quality and efficiency of our services. Our focus is to bring innovative technology to Direct Marketing and to ensure our clients are receiving the best IT solutions available today. A huge congratulations to the team!