Millennials… raised with Iphones and Tablets. When targeting this demographic, the assumption is that the best way to target them is via the digital channel.


Think again! In a study by Forbes, it was found that a high percentage of Millennials like and engage with direct mail. In fact, it was found that 95% of 18 to 29 year olds responded positively when receiving a direct mail piece that was relevant and personalised to them.


The reason… Print is engaging and actionable!


We are thrilled to welcome Emma Carter to the Colourwise team.  Emma has studied marketing at QUT and is experienced in both print and digital marketing, however affirms that direct mail is a fundamental platform to add value.


Emma, as a Millenial herself, is conscious about the over-use of digital marketing as it can result in the consumer feeling overwhelmed and under valued. Hence companies should consider other available marketing channels. This is vital as Millennials are estimated to wield a staggering combined $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020, as reported by Accenture.


Sarah Hussey, General Manager, is thrilled to have Emma join her team of dedicated specialists who are always up to date on the latest industry trends. Divergent thinking is what Colourwise does BEST!