How to make your direct mail campaign stand out

It may be decades old, but direct mail, like all other forms of communication, has well and truly kept up with the times, and proves its value time and time again for brands.

The trick is in using and amplifying every possible window you have to grab attention.

Original campaigns are always the most memorable and usually it’s the personalised messaging or the left-of-centre design that captures attention the most.

Here’s our tips on what to consider when creating a memorable, eye catching and most importantly, action-driving direct mail campaign:

  • Fold – please, please, please consider options that go beyond the DL cardboard option. Brands tend to choose basic stock with minimal folds due to cost and because it sounds easier to distribute. But would you rather pay $1 on something that is going to get tossed because it looks like every other pizza or real estate flyer in the mail, or pay $5 and have the customer engage and interact with it, and keep it? I know what I’d be choosing! Google ideas – Pinterest and plenty of other websites have some really cool ideas.
  • Change the brand – You’ve worked hard to establish your brand identity and chances are there are style guides in place that make you conform to how your logo should look, and what colour it should be. We say throw it out for one campaign and see what happens! McDonald’s famously rebranded some of its stores as “Macca’s” for Australia Day a few years ago, and Coca-Cola completely removed their logo on their bottles when they replaced it with people’s names. So if the bigger end of town are doing this, then direct mail offers an entry level for small and medium businesses into the same approach.
  • Pop out – pop outs aren’t just for kids’ books – in a world of scrolling and swiping, it’s nice to be caught off guard with a pop out! There’s no limit to the imagination, almost any brand in any sector could pull this one off (or out!).
  • Personalise – when something is addressed to you, you open it right? Personalised direct mail has some of the best engagement rates, and can be considered a really strong ROI tactic. But names aren’t the only things you can personalise. We’ve seen a really great example of a local restaurant including a map in their direct mail, which highlights where it is from the resident’s house and shows the best route. Inexpensive, yet genius!

While some print houses do just that, print what you send them, Colourwise prides itself on a full end-to-end approach from conceptualisation through to strategy, setting KPIs, printing, distribution and measuring success. We understand that every action you take in your business has to have a reaction, and that’s what we specialise in – how to help you get that reaction you’re looking for!

Contact us today for a chat about upping your direct mail game.