Marketing – we all know that it’s about bringing concept to design; and design to channel; and channel to eyeballs (and ears, hands and other senses!). With the amount of spam and digital fatigue making cut through difficult, mixing the technological benefits of digital but getting the cut through of paper has been the challenge for marketing teams the world over.  Augmented Reality (AR) messaging means that the world we see through our highly advanced technological devices today will be completely transformed using paper as the channel to get it all started. You know how we always say, “We need to make the images pop?” Well, AR printing means that images are, quite literally, going to pop out at us – and this is going to create a whole new world of print. So here are three reasons why AR printing is a future worth investing in, especially when you are considering brand collateral and how to make it contemporary and unique:

 1. 2D becomes 3D, even to the naked eye

AR printing works by layering a digital marker over a piece of paper, and the iPhone or Android application will read the marker and send a video back to your device – basically, your prints can now house fully navigable 360° videos. By adding that extra ‘layer’ to your marketing collateral, businesses are able to reach their customers with more rich content than ever before. 

2. Bring products to life without going into the store

AR printing can create a 100% interactive and engaging experience directly by scanning a printed catalogue. This technology can significantly improve businesses in travel, real estate, retail, and tourism industries by giving their customers a unique perspective on a product offering. A great example of this is Rolex’s new catalogue, which allows customers to scan the printed ad which then digitally superimposes the watch on their wrist. Porsche’s recent ad even lets readers virtually sit in the driver’s seat of its new car and explore every angle of the interior.

3. More creative freedom and more fun than ever before

Think about Pokémon Go; the most successful use of a creative AR business model ever – now imagine that print businesses can now use AR to actually achieve that kind of mainstream breakthrough. Companies that have dabbled with AR printing are having more fun and freedom than ever before – I mean, there’s a whole new dimension to play around with! Advertisements don’t just have QR codes anymore, they now have SnapCodes that are creating a whole new world of AR printing and causing an enormous surge in user interest. This especially means new gains and new growth for brick and mortar print shops – the possibilities are virtually limitless with print being the key to unreal experiences.

Don’t fall behind on this paradigm shift taking place right before our eyes – make your printing business more than just paper today by implementing AR into your business strategy.

At Colourwise, we help you do just that – we are the direct marketing specialists, and using AR to deeply engage your audience is what we do!  Visit today to connect with us and the future of direct marketing.