What’s your call to action?

You may be familiar with the four Ps of marketing – product, place, promotion and price – and know your style guide back to front, but if there’s just one thing you need to remember about marketing, it’s to include a CALL TO ACTION.


What is a call to action?

A call to action is when you directly ask your reader or audience to do something – to take action. At colourwise we are presented with so many campaigns that clients show us and ask us to evaluate because it didn’t result in sales or increased traffic or donations that they had wanted. And nine times out of ten, it can come down to the fact that there is no call to action.

You might have splashed a big 50% off banner across a flyer or given heartbreaking stories connected to a charity to tug at heartstrings, but the phone doesn’t ring. Or the website doesn’t get any further traffic. And the money doesn’t come in. People need to be told what to do next and that’s where your call to action comes in.


Some calls to action ideas

Here’s some calls to action you might like to try depending on your commercial objectives. You will note these are succinct and start with a solid command.

  • Phone us today on ….
  • Claim your offer at ….
  • Donate now by phoning us on …
  • Book your free appointment at ….
  • Sign up for our training course today at…
  • Mail us your old product in this envelope that we have included
  • Subscribe at ….
  • For a free trial, visit….

Just make sure your call to action is applicable to the channel you are communicating on. There’s no point saying “Click here” on a print flyer!

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(See what we did there?!)