Artwork Upload

Artwork Requirements

For the best quality print and the fastest time-to-press, please ensure all artwork meets these supply requirements:

  • PDF files are the preferred format (use the PDF/X-1a standard if you’re not sure).
  • Your artwork is the correct size as per the quote specification.
  • 3mm bleed for all artwork that “prints to the edge”.
  • Do not supply pre-imposed artwork (We’ll look after that) or pages as spreads.
  • Ensure all your images are between 240ppi and 300ppi for optimum print resolution.

PDF Settings

For optimum print quality and no-fuss artwork supply our PDF preset is the solution. Adding our PDF preset to Adobe Indesign and Illustrator ensures that your PDF version, resolution, transparency, bleed and marks setting are automatically set to our print requirements.

Artwork Templates

Save time and hassle with our artwork templates. For all your standard document sizes, setup to our correct artwork specifications. Templates are available in Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats.